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Flask is a web framework for Python based on the Werkzeug toolkit.
All Things Open 2022

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All Things Open 2022

October 30, 2022 - November 02, 2022 • Raleigh, NC

A universe of events and platforms focused on open source, open tech and the open web.
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Tired of manually scraping your code looking for the smallest issues? Take codebeat for a spin! 🚀

codebeat is an automated static code analysis tool supporting multiple languages used by both web and mobile developers worldwide. Now also providing style analysis for projects written in Swift🔥.

We've integrated SwiftLint, the best linter for Swift in our code review app and fixed you with a help page. about the feature. Enjoy!

App recommended by GitHub Backup is a part of Xopero Software the #1 DevOps backup vendor trusted by ESET, T-Mobile, Orange, and more. With 170k+ daily backups, we have gained experience in data protection.

Professional automatic backup - no maintenance needed, best security:

  • Repo & metadata daily backups
  • Fast recovery of all data: DR & granular restore
  • Any storage compatibility: AWS or S3 Compliant cloud
  • SOC 2 Compliance in process, user-side AES encryption, and audit logs