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# Path to your youtube-dl binary
youtubedl: vendor/ytdl-org/youtube-dl/youtube_dl/
# Path to your python binary
python: /usr/bin/python
# An array of parameters to pass to youtube-dl
- --no-warnings
- --ignore-errors
- --flat-playlist
- --restrict-filenames
- --no-playlist
# True to enable audio conversion
convert: false
# True to enable advanced conversion mode
convertAdvanced: false
# List of formats available in advanced conversion mode
convertAdvancedFormats: [mp3, avi, flv, wav]
# Path to your ffmpeg binary
ffmpeg: /usr/bin/ffmpeg
# ffmpeg logging level.
ffmpegVerbosity: error
# Path to the directory that contains the phantomjs binary.
phantomjsDir: /usr/bin/
# True to disable URL rewriting
uglyUrls: false
# True to stream videos through server
# Set to "ask" if you want to allow it but not enable by default.
stream: false
# True to enable remux mode (merge best audio and best video)
remux: false
# MP3 bitrate when converting (in kbit/s)
audioBitrate: 128
# App name
appName: AllTube Download
# Generic formats supported by youtube-dl
best/bestvideo: Best
bestvideo+bestaudio: Remux best video with best audio
worst/worstvideo: Worst
# Enable debug mode.
debug: false
# True to enable audio conversion mode by default
defaultAudio: false
# False to disable convert seek functionality
convertSeek: true